assemblages (and other oddities)

“Box of Baskets” Constructed and painted boxes with mosaics. 4 pine needle baskets, painted, with objects inside. Upholstery tacks, lights, “blinking eye” and painted birds on wire, raffia, and heart on wire (heart jiggles when touched.) Found bone with gold paint on edge on red bead on top. 12”x16”

wooden box, googly eyes, babies, flowers, dome, spring, mirrors, fabric (6.5” x 8”)

wooden box, glass, cut-out painted hand on wood, found objects, plastic flies, candles (8.5” x 10”)

wooden box, plastic objects, paint, flowers, glass (4.5” x 6”)

wooden box, twigs, plastic babies, plastic leaf, paint (3.5” x 5.5”)

plastic dome, anemone, bead, paint, painted bird skull (2” x 2.5”)

wooden box lined with velvet, plastic babies, pod, Mexican hearts, lace, rhinestones, paint (8” x 12”)